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Standard of explosion proof grade in China
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Explosion proof grade standard
The same version of the standard related to the European standard parameters are basically the same, but because of the time lag, with the European standard GB parameters related with the difference in the gap of flameproof joint as an example, GB IIAIIB respectively carry out the different requirements of space, and the IEC standard in 2004, in the 2007 edition of IIA and IIB have performed the same parameters request.
GB3836.1-2000 and IEC60079-0:2007 compared to see all understand
In addition to the implementation of European IEC standard, but also more inclined to implement ATEX standards, implementation of explosion-proof electrical standards of large enterprises at home and use of explosion-proof electric appliance is the order of their own requirements, Design Institute of technology GB, international standard. Now many manufacturers of explosion-proof industry has done international certification, such as the creation of a positive IEC, ATEX, TUV, UC
First, the concept of explosion
1, caused by the explosion of three necessary conditions, three conditions at the same time have the required energy source - explosive ignition of migration air; air or oxygen or oxygen flammable; air flammable dust
2, to prevent the generation of the explosion will be from three necessary conditions to consider, to limit one of the necessary conditions, it limits the generation of the explosion. In the industrial process, usually from the following three aspects to deal with flammable and explosive occasions.
1) the possibility of preventing or reducing the leakage of flammable substances to the maximum extent;
2) or as little as possible with easy to produce electric spark of the electrical components;
3) to maintain an inert state by filling nitrogen and the like.

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