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The solution of Roots blower oil spill
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1 abnormal vibration and noise immediately stop
(1) the rolling bearing clearance exceeds the specified value or bearing wear;
(2) the gear side clearance is too large, not in the fixed, not tight;
(3) the impeller and the impeller, the impeller and the casing are impacted by the foreign matter and dust;
(4) due to overload, shaft deformation caused by the impeller collision;
(5) the friction between the impeller and the casing inlet due to overheating;
(6) due to fouling or objects so that the impeller out of balance;
(7) the anchor bolts and other fasteners loose.
Treatment method:
(1) replace the bearing or bearing seat;
(2) reinstall the gear and ensure the side gap;
(3) cleaning the blower to check whether the casing is damaged or not;
(4) check the back pressure, check the impeller is right, and adjust the gap;
(5) check the filter and back pressure, increase the impeller and casing inlet gap;
(6) the impeller and the casing to ensure the working clearance of the impeller;
(7) tighten the anchor bolts and leveling base.
2 motor overload
(1) compared with the specified pressure, the pressure is big, that is, the back pressure or the import pressure;
(2) compared with the flow rate of the equipment, the air flow is too large, so the pressure is increased;
(3) import filter plug, outlet pipe obstruction or blockage;
(4) the rotating parts collide and friction (stuck);
(5) the level is too high;
(6) the narrow V type belt is overheated, the vibration is too large, the belt pulley is too small.
Treatment method:
(1) reduce the pressure to the specified value;
(2) the excess gas into the atmosphere or reduce the speed of the blower;
(3) removal of obstacles;
(4) immediately shut down, check the reason;
(5) the level to the correct position;
(6) check the belt tension and replace it with a large diameter pulley.
3, impeller and impeller friction
(1) the impeller is contaminated with impurities, resulting in a gap is too small;
(2) gear wear, resulting in large side gap;
(3) fixed gear is not strong, can not keep the impeller synchronization;
(4) the bearing wear clearance increases.
Treatment method:
(1) remove dirt, and check whether the internal parts are damaged or not;
(2) adjust the gear clearance, if the gear side gap is greater than the average value of 30% ~ 50% to replace the gear;
(3) to re assemble the gear and keep the taper fit with the contact area of 75%;
(4) replace the bearing;
4, impeller and wall panels, the top of the impeller and casing friction
(1) the clearance is not correct;
(2) operating pressure is too high, beyond the specified value;
(3) operating temperature is too high;
(4) the deformation of body or frame, positioning fan failure;
(5) the axial orientation of the bearing is not good.
Treatment method:
(1) to re adjust the gap;
(2) to identify the cause of the overload, the pressure down to the specified value;
(3) to check the accuracy of the installation, reduce the pipeline pull;
(4) check and repair the bearing, and ensure the clearance.
5, the temperature is too high
(1) oil in the tank is too much, too thick and dirty;
(2) filter or plug;
(3) the pressure is higher than the specified value;
(4) excessive wear of the impeller, large clearance;
(5) the ventilation is not good, the indoor temperature is high, resulting in high inlet temperature;
(6) the running speed is too low, the belt slipping.
Treatment method:
(1) lower level or with oil;
(2) removal of the plug;
(3) reducing the pressure difference of the blower;
(4) repair gap;
(5) open vents, reducing room temperature;
(6) increase the speed to prevent the belt from slipping.
6 lack of flow
(1) import filter clogging;
(2) impeller wear, the gap increased too much;
(3) belt slipping;
(4) import pressure loss;
(5) duct ventilation leakage.
Treatment method:
(1) removal of dust and clogging of the filter;
(2) repair gap;
(3) tighten the belt and increase the number of the root;
(4) adjust the inlet pressure to the specified value;
(5) check and repair the pipe.
7 oil leakage or oil leakage into the casing
(1) a large tank by high drain leakage;
(2) seal wear, resulting in shaft end leakage;
(3) the pressure is higher than the specified value;
(4) wall and tank vent blockage, causing oil leakage into the cabinet.
Treatment method:
(1) lower level;
(2) replacement of seals;
(3) to clear the air vents, cock mounted on the intermediate cavity with 2mm aperture, open the plug under the wall;
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