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Fan abnormal vibration and noise immediately stop
Time2016-10-09    Frequency:760
1, the rolling bearing clearance exceeds the specified value or bearing wear;
2, the gear side gap is too large, not in the fixed, not tight;
3, due to foreign objects and dust caused by impeller and impeller, impeller and casing impact;
4, due to overload, shaft deformation caused by the collision of the impeller;
5, due to excessive friction caused by the impeller and the casing;
6, due to fouling or objects so that the impeller out of balance;
7, the anchor bolts and other fasteners loose;
8, replace the bearing or bearing seat;
9, heavy gear and to ensure that the side gap;
10, clean the blower, check whether the casing damage;
11, check the back pressure, check the impeller is right, and adjust the gap;
12, check the filter and back pressure, increase the gap between the impeller and the casing inlet;
13, cleaning impeller and casing, to ensure that the working gap between the impeller;
14, tighten the anchor bolts and leveling base.

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