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What is the summer blower cooling method
Time:2016-10-09    Frequency:940
In particular, the scene blower cooling can start from the following aspects:
1, if the fan is installed in the room. Conditional can be installed air conditioning. Do not pity the air-conditioning and electricity. Because the motor temperature rises 10 degrees, the life expectancy is reduced a lot.
So the indoor air conditioning, that can extend the life of equipment, but also can reduce the temperature of the outlet.
2, in some places there are noise requirements, equipped with noise enclosures, in the summer must be to open the door. Sound insulation cover to form a closed space, increase the ambient temperature, leading to the temperature of the air intake is high, the outlet temperature is also high. A lot of sound hood blower, in the summer time, entrance temperature more than 45 degrees.
3, reduce the curve of the pipeline and so on, as far as possible to reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and other pressure losses
4, empirical formula, roots blower outlet temperature = entrance temperature + (10-12) * pressure, pressure here is measured in meters of water, such as water level is 6 meters, pipeline loss and loss of the diaphragm (sewage aeration pipe diaphragm) the pressure loss is 1 meters, the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, then export the temperature at 100-114 degrees. According to this formula, we can understand the significance of reducing the inlet temperature and the outlet pressure.
5, there is a soil method, in a distance of about 5~10 meters away from the pipeline installation of a sink (especially for aquaculture, sewage treatment, such as blast aeration), can effectively reduce the temperature of the outlet.
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